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"I have the desire but do not have the opportunity," - Today the conventional wisdom of this phrase can describe not only the state of our wallets. Old pun increasingly heard in the offices of specialists 'male' disease

Medical statistics merciless: after 40 years of these buy cialis online canada or other erectile dysfunction detected in 39% of half of mankind, and after 50 to face this problem as much as 69% of the former macho.

On the questions of our readers associated with this sensitive topic, answers urology and andrology, MD Eugene Mulik.
Play, a hormone!

Recently, I have big problems with potency. I've heard that such problems could be related to the lack of male hormones. Is that true?

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Vitali, Syktyvkar

- Alas, it is buy cialis online canada. Lack of production of the sex hormone testosterone - the main catalyst of love, is responsible for spermatogenesis (sperm production) and libido (sex drive) - one of the leading causes of erectile dysfunction. This hormone plays a major role in the regulation of protein, fat, carbohydrate metabolism in men. And its deficiency leads to osteoporosis (brittle bones), muscle loss, hair loss, obesity, reduced intellectual ability.

Detect such problems simply: it is necessary to conduct a study on the blood levels of male sex hormones cialis online canada. And then a CT scan of the brain (in order to exclude a pituitary tumor).

If tests reveal deviations from the norm, the aid will come hormone replacement therapy that normalizes not only the potency but also the heart, blood pressure, weight, blood parameters. But correctly assign it may only be a specialist. As well as improving the potency of modern drugs whose buy cialis online canada action occurs within 10-20 minutes after administration and lasts for 8-12 hours, regardless of limitation, the extent and cause of erectile dysfunction.